Selecting Assured Digital Systems

In choosing a vendor for electronic security, several aspects of that vendor should be considered in addition to the cost effectiveness of a proposed system. Assured Digital Systems excels in each of those aspects.

Project Management

All projects are executed through a project management program. Project managers have centralized responsibility for all aspects of the project including the authority to task our engineering department, procure materials, and allocate personnel resources as required. Project managers have direct access to senior corporate management through regularly scheduled weekly project review meetings and unscheduled meetings as required. Project oversight is maintained through a project management software program that establishes all key critical milestones of the project including construction, schedules, material delivery schedules, manpower loading requirements, etc. The project manager is ultimately responsible for successful completion of the project within the scheduled time and budget.
Assured Digital Systems‘s operations personnel are qualified installation and service professionals with long career track records in the implementation of high technology security systems. Assured Digital Systems personnel are versed in all major requirements, including design, installation, quality assurance, quality control, testing, training, and follow up maintenance.


Training is one of the critical components of the entire system. Assured Digital Systems will provide the required training for the system(s). Training can be performed on-site or off-site within the actual environment of the projected system use. If applicable, complete system documentation and manuals will be provided. Assured Digital Systems maintains remote dial-up capabilities to (optionally) dial into the computer at your facility to provide help with the system should the system operator forget procedures or be unavailable for programming.

Test and Turnover

Following the installation or substantial completion of the systems, the project manager will perform a complete test of the system with the owner’s representative present for system acceptance. The training, test and turnover will include a demonstration of the operation of the entire system and inspection of the quality of our work. The results of the procedure will be documented and approved, and a copy will be provided to the customer.


Assured Digital Systems offers a full array of maintenance packages – from time and materials to full service agreements – that include all parts and labor for repairs and preventative maintenance to reduce the risk of downtime. Our most comprehensive maintenance packages dedicate a fulltime service technician to the customer facilities.